Living Better in San Diego

Sundays, 5:30am

Hosted by Susan DeVincent and Evonne Ermey, and heard Sunday mornings on the Entercom San Diego stations, "Living Better in San Diego" features Information and interviews with San Diego newsmakers, community leaders and citizens. You can get more information and REPLAY any show by selecting the show title below.

Living Better in San Diego - Chairmen's Roundtable w/ Paul Thiel

Pro-bono Mentoring for San Diego Business - Chairmen's RoundTable is a group of highly accomplished executives who devote their time to helping select San Diego companies navigate their business challenges. Faced with strategic 'make-or-break' decisions, CEOs of more than 400 companies have turned...
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Living Better in San Diego - San Diego Food Bank w/ Jim Floros

The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank and our North County Food Bank chapter comprise the largest hunger-relief organization in San Diego County. Last year, the Food Bank distributed 28 million pounds of food, and the Food Bank serves, on average, 350,000 people per month in San Diego County...
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Living Better in San Diego - DebtWave w/ Chase Peckham

DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc. is a nonprofit, accredited, consumer credit counseling service. At DebtWave Credit Counseling, Inc., our team of certified credit counselors focus not only on helping you get out of debt, we teach you how to properly manage your finances, reducing the likelihood you...
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Living Better in San Diego - SD Public Library with Emily Derry

Read, Investigate, and Discover this summer and join the Summer Reading Program: "Dig Deeper!" San Diego Residents of all ages are encouraged to sign up for this virtual event to dig below the surface and discover something new! Read 10 books or for 10 hours to collect prizes and complete fun at-...
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Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital - Mental Health, Addiction and Relapsing During Covid-19 Pandemic

While social distancing isn't easy for anyone, it's definitely hitting one group particularity hard. People who are recovering from alcoholism/addiction. Many people in recovery are finding it difficult to maintain sobriety and are relapsing during the pandemic. Dr. Fadi Nicolas, Chief Executive...
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2020 Census: What You Need To Know

On this episode of Living Better in San Diego, Susan and Evonne take a deep dive into the 2020 Census. What is it? What's on it? Who's it for? Today, we talk to JoAnn Fields, Government and Public Relations Director of the Asian Pacific Islander Initiative and Herminia Ledesma of Vista Community...
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It's All About The Kids: Fighting to Feed Kids and Their Families in San Diego

On this episode of Living Better in San Diego, we talk to Angela Brannon-Baptiste, President of the Board for It's All About The Kids Foundation , a local non-profit dedicated to feeding children and their families in San Diego. From left to right: Susan DeVincent, Angela Brannon-Baptiste, Evonne...
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Enchanted Village Lights Up The Holidays in San Diego

CEO Molly Nocon and Director of Development Mary Bones both have personal investment and history in Noah Homes . Molly's brother had down syndrome and lived in the community until he passed of Alzheimer's. Mary has a 29-year old daughter living and thriving in the community. Her daughter has non-...
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African Youth and The Struggle to Feel Empowered in America's Finest City

Africa is not a country, it's a continent. It's one of the things Sedrick Murhula, Youth Motivator and Community Organizer, points out when he talks about things that Americans don't often realize about Africa. Of the 54 countries located on the continent of Africa, the various languages and...
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Movember is About More Than Just Mustaches!

Mustaches - as a fashion statement, they can be divisive. As a tool to bring folks together, they're surprisingly effective, maybe even unifying. Mustaches are conversations starters. If a hipster suddenly shaves off his beard and leaves just his mustache, people are going to talk about it, and the...
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